Darji Dev - How these 20 years old young boy has reached new heights of business in Web development | Darji Dev | Young Entrepreneur


Digital Marketing encompasses all marketing efforts that utilize the Internet, such as search engines, social media, email, and other digital channels, to connect businesses with their audience.

Dev Darji is a 20-year-old Young entrepreneur and the owner of AceCode website development company. He is currently a computer engineering student. He started working for this company at the age of 17, and now works on significant projects despite being very young.

Dev was born in Ahmedabad and grew up in a small village like Siddhpur. Dev has a strong interest in a particular subject or expertise, and they want to share their knowledge and experience with others.

Dev's work is very systematic, which allows them to work efficiently and schedule their time effectively. Dev is a curious person who strives to learn something new every day and helps both small and large individuals to learn. Dev has designed and developed websites, which show a great deal of creativity and attraction, and they have three years of experience in website development. Dev works step by step with their team and completes the work thoroughly and precisely.

Due to their friendly nature, they quickly make new connections with people and because of this nature, people desire to work with them.

Dev says that behind their work, there is a significant contribution from their parents. 

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